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A simple, coffebreak roguelike, set in a fantasy-ish world!

*currently being ported to my new console graph library, might take some time*


-Levelling up! Increase your stats and improve your spells!

-Procedural generation! Randomized floors, getting harder and harder!

-Finding better gear! Shields, rings, swords, axes, chestplates...!

-Fighting harder monsters! Rats, Doublegoats and... Gluhoses?

-Potion system! Randomized effects with each run!

-Spells! Heal your wounds and crush your foes with them!

-Doors! Open and close them! Such technology!

-Description with a lot of exclamation marks! Let's use more of these!

-Absolutely no tutorials! Figure everything as you go and curse me after commiting YASD!

To be done:

-Crafting system! Brew potions, forge weapons!

-Looping system (like New Game+)! Procedurally generated loop bosses!

-Throwing mechanic! Actually use all that garbage you carry with you!

-Shooting mechanic! Bows, crossbows, arrows, bolts and brand-new magic carbines!

-(a lot) More spells! Actually do something more than heal and saturate self!

-Sacrifices! Offer the corpses of fallen enemies to receive amazing rewards from the deities of the dungeon!

-A new and revamped character class system, with an addition of a new Marksman class!

PS: If you find any bugs, report them to me, and I will make sure to have them fixed as soon as possible. Suggestions and ideas are welcome, too.

PPS: Please, please, read the Controls file. It has been proven many, many times, that people who read it are about 5 times better at playing than people who did otherwise.


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Controls 799 bytes
ThingRL.exe 2 MB
New update(as of 06.10.2016, not yet playable) 2 MB if you pay $1.00 USD or more


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